Ruby On Rails

Ruby is an excellent programming language for rapid development because Ruby is fast and easy to change as you build. The Ruby On Rails (ROR) web framework is excellent for rapid web application development.


  • Ruby On Rails web applications for users to sign in to your website and work with it
  • System administration tools for parsing data, connecting to databases, editing files, and more
  • Security monitoring for Internet email servers, websites, RSS feeds, and detecting attacks


  class Sample
    def hi
      puts "Hello World"


Ruby is much like the Python programming language because both are:
  • usually dynamic and interpreted
  • relatively new languages
  • led by one person
  • good for rapid application development
Ruby is less like Java and C/C++ because these are:
  • usually static and compiled
  • relatively long-lasting languages especially in business
  • led by a consortium of large companies
  • good for enterprise web development and rich desktop applications


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